Spring 2018 Rush Schedule

Meet the Brothers BBQ

Thursday 5pm
January 18th

Meet the brothers and get a tour of the house over some professionally grilled food by our personal Chef Gary.  


Game Night

Friday 7pm
January 19th

Fifa, 2K, Super Smash Bros, pool, ping-pong: we've got it all! Come hang out, play some competitive games, and  enjoy the snacks for a Game Night you don't want to miss.


Intramural sports lie at the heart of any
spirited fraternity. Showcase your skills
and spend Saturday with the boys and
join us for some Dodgeball at Hearst Gym.


Saturday 2pm
January 20th

Meet the brothers of Chi Phi, see the house,
and enjoy slabs of grilled steak and fine
cigars on Chi Phi's California redwood
roof-deck. This is the kind of party your
randfather would be proud of. 

Steak and Cigars

Saturday 8pm
January 20th

Dollar Days

Sunday 12pm
January 21st

Join us at the legendary Golden Gate Fields for the horse races. Everything ( Food, drinks,  bets, ...) is just $1! 

La Val's

Monday 7pm
January 22nd

Take a trip to La Val's pizza restaurant and bar for a night out in Berkeley.

Visit the esteemed Mariposa Yacht club                                                *Invitation Only*
 for a night in the city to meet some of                                                        **Formal**
 our alumni and enjoy the high life. 

Yacht Club

Tuesday 6pm
January 23rd

 A key tradition of the Lambda chapter                                                  *Invitation Only*
 in which you can listen to stories from                                                        
 Lambda history and Brothers'  favorite
times at Cal while enjoying delicious food
prepared by our own Chef Gary.

Bid Dinner

Wednesday 7pm
January 24th